Monday, July 26, 2010

Who can be a member of FILOA?

To be considered for membership in  Fiercely Independent Locksmiths of America (FILOA) you have to be at least 5’ 10” tall and weigh no more than 250 lbs…; no that won’t work, gotta’ come up with some realistic membership rules. I read a short article by Steve Farrell over at The Moral Liberal on Fundamental Rights of Societies, Clubs and Nations ; interesting since my topic today had to do with organizing a new locksmith association.

“Every society from a great nation down to a club has a right of declaring the conditions on which new members should be admitted.” Source: Madison’s Notes on the Federal Convention, August 9, 1787, Gouvernor Morris: delegate from Pennsylvania.

I’m taking a huge leap here; let’s say that anyone interested in becoming a member of FILOA should be involved in the business of locksmith work as a hobby, apprentice, journeyman locksmith or in some other way interested in the trade/profession. Notice how trade/profession is carefully fused; no accident or coincidence; if it bothers your sense of self righteousness you’re not going to feel comfortable with our organization. We’ll accept tinkering amateurs and folks with letters behind their names; just remember to clean up after yourselves as there is no maid service.

We’re going to come up with a membership form which can be downloaded from our site, a form which has to be signed and then returned via the U.S. Postal Service with a real stamp on it. It wouldn’t do to let just anyone become a member. Just look what happened to Congress; no Sir, we’re going to have to be much more selective if you’re going to be admitted into this group.

The membership form will include a place for a notary to witness your signature testifying that you are not a convicted felon and that you are worthy to hold a locksmith license in states which require such a license or consider such licenses fundamentally unconstitutional; that should about cover the integrity clause once we get around to establishing such guidelines.

I’ll run all this by a lawyer friend of mine so he can have a good laugh and then do some serious organizing. The biggest challenge to individuals forming such a group like FILOA is the bureaucratic disaster we call government. They’re always doing their level best to invent powers whereby they might get around constitutional restraints. You can bet these pencil heads will not take kindly to having a group of fiercely independent minded folks getting together.

We need a great looking logo, something to put at the top of our letterhead and website. It could have crossed antique keys like other locksmith organizations; but they might see that as an infringement on their logo so be original if you plan to submit a design. Scan your artwork and send it along with your membership dues before we start doing our in depth criminal background checks.

This article has been cross posted to The Moral Liberal , a publication whose banner reads, “Defending The Judeo-Christian Ethic, Limited Government, & The American Constitution”.

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